Foot chase in the City

When your players need to catch a thief running of with their money, a villain trying to get away. or perhaps escape the law of the city, you can roll on this table and follow the chase rules for your game.

Just press F5 (refresh) on your keyboard to roll again for a random occurence.

Note: about half the entries don’t offer any complications – roll twice each round for a very crowded city.

No complicationThe road is clear - keep running.


  • Michael Hoffmeyer
    2 years ago Reply

    Suggestion: Chanting monks carry the very large Icon of Saint Plock out in front of you. Roll a DC 10 DEX Check to avoid crashing into them and loose a round of movement. If you roll a 1, the Icon crashes to the ground and break into a thousand pieces – and a major religious prosecution with you as the centerpiece.

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